Flying into landing

Contact improvisation workshop
September 2019, Copenhagen

Practicalities ?

Weekend: 550 members / 750 non-members dkk
Friday: 200 dkk
Saturday or Sunday: 350 dkk
6 Sep. 18:45 -21:45 – Den Classenske Legatskole
7. Sep. 09:00-16:00 – Den Classenske Legatskole
8. Sep. 09:00-16:00 – Blågård Skole
Max 25 people ?‍?‍?‍?
Level: You can handle yourself in a jam / your knee-pads is starting to look a bit worn / Ask us! ?

Registration ?

Send an email to with name and email and we will send you confirmation and payment details.

Who is Sebastian?

We met Sebastian in Ukraine where he was teaching an intensive. He gives clear advice and joins jams with amazing energy. A fun-loving, wise and trained contemporary dancer who has cast his love on contact improvisation (and dance in general). We’ve been playing calendar-tetris with him for some time, and finally the planets lined up.

Sebastian has taught tons of workshops during the last ten years… And we’re really happy to have him!

What is the workshop about?

The fall does not exist! 

It’s simply an automatic body reaction to a fear dictated by an unknown and untested pattern of movement, that took us by surprise. 

This time our meeting will be devoted to the development of our falling and flying skills. 

Through spiraling, rolling, spreading the momentum we will befriend dynamical meetings with a floor, which are known as falling. Through series of exercises we will try to transform those into landings. 

Main emphasis of this meeting is to change and rewrite our instinctual movement habits in order to open ourselves into shared kinesphere where two centers are intertwined in dynamical interchange.

Throughout the class we will introduce and develop fair share of dynamic partnering with strong pressure however towards the techniques of helping yourselves into landing. Main goal of the workshop is to start the process of erasing the idea of a fall, from our mind and body.

Knee pads are advised! (editors note: and can be bought at the workshop).

Sebastian Flegiel