Upcoming workshops

😘 You’ll have to be patient while we arrange the next one…

Past workshops

Adrian Russi
Charlie Morrissey ’21
Sebastian Flegiel
Claus Springborg
Charlie Morrissey

Feedback from teachers

“The group is very strong and on similar level of experience. And there is a unique energy and willingness for work there. I felt that material was being sucked in instantly and with very positive energy. It’s an experience that every teacher is looking for!”

Sebastian Flegiel

For teachers

If you want to come and teach in wonderful Copenhagen, please contact Tørk at dancesharecph@gmail.com.

We provide hosting for teachers and pay a flat fee of 1000 euro for around 14 hours of teaching during a weekend (Friday to Sunday).

We need to hear from you at least half a year before you’re thinking about teaching here, so if you’re even thinking about please shoot us an e-mail.