The Forces of the in-between

Contact improvisation workshop
September 2023, Copenhagen

If we trust, we will meet at a common field, the field of presence, the only place were dancing, learning and teaching can happen.

Life is happening now, as an action, a force, full of mystery and grace, it is from there that I want us to be guided.


Alessandro has visited Denmark a few times before, and participants have been raving for him to return. The workshop focuses on the forces of contact improv. We’re very proud and happy to open our doors to Alessandro again.

In this workshop the encounter will allow the forces of the in-between. In-between the supposedly inside and the supposedly outside, interweaving time and space, in-between where contact begins and where it ends, perhaps they are the same point, a point of inflection towards space, movement.  

Natural forces, like gravity, like the open and available senses, will be the bridge, through which the dance can pass, from life, to life. For a movement to be poetry, it is enough to give it the attention it deserves. Floor, sky, fall, fly, find ourselves as we are, and in the beyond of our names.

Welcome to inhabit us, and create power by opening ourselves to be danced, with the presences and beauties of what the eyes/pores see through their skin.



September 2023
Friday 22nd , Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th


Blågård Skole
Hans Tavsens Gade 4
2200 Copenhagen

How many

Max 30 participants


Let it not be your very first time trying contact improv. Otherwise come as you are. We’ll try to create a space that fits many different levels. (Ask us! ?)

Price / Registration

Early bird before July 1st
500DKK workshop + jam

Late bird after July 1st
650DKK workshop + jam
350DKK just Saturday or Sunday (only sold after September 1st)
50DKK just jam


Fill out the form with name and email and you will get payment details after hitting send in the form.


Friday September 22nd
17.00 – 21.30 Friday Jam

Saturday September 23rd
11.00 – 18.00 First workshop day w. lunch break

Sunday September 24th
11.30 – 18.30 Second workshop day w. lunch break

Who is Alessandro?

I have been living dance and contact improvisation in a surrendered way as a dancer for 18 years and as a teacher for 12 (if I do not count my childhood experiences) and I had the opportunity to travel to 24 countries, offering and having classes, intensive courses, workshops, residencies and Jams with different and experienced colleagues, which probably gave me a good “floor” to start with ‘not knowing with certain quality’ …

I come from different dance schools at the somatic level and movement research, today I see that I have danced and taught a good part of my life and yet I feel that I have just started. In my practice I have been integrating various techniques and bringing the potential of dance to life. 

If I ask myself between my name and my body, the second one is the dearest, and if you ask about my deepest interest in dancing and teaching the answer would be around living questions related to dance itself, to the presence and to the Big Mystery.

I hope through this illusion of you and I being separated, we can drop it, and go beyond our hanging names to explore the in-between field of existence to dance and be danced with and through the visible and invisible forces entangled at each single moment and find the way to be at the arch of beauty.


Julia Schmidt
+45 50 15 46 49

Theis Egeberg
+45 21 91 81 71

Tørk Egeberg
+45 21 91 22 23